Воронежский Государственный природный Биосферный Заповедник имени В.м. Пескова

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russian Federation


V. Peskov
Voronezhsky State
Nature Biosphere Reserve

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In case of fire, poaching and other reserve rules violations


Yozhkiny Dorozhki Adventure Park


Have you been to our Adventure Park?

Not yet?

We are looking forward to seeing you then.

Hectic life often makes us deny ourselves true recreation and spending time with our nearest and dearest. Yozhkiny Dorozhki Adventure Park suggests a real change from everyday living. Located in the loveliest area of Centralnaja usadba of the Voronezhsky Biosphere Reserve, the Adventure Park is an excellent site for an activity holiday.

Come to the Adventure Park to experience something new, have fun and build self-confidence.

If you are thirsty for adventure, then we are waiting for you!

Yozhkiny Dorozhki Adventure Park is tree-friendly. It is designed to keep trees and forest healthy.

Your security is a key thing for us. You will receive a complete safety orientation and climbing harnesses.


  • Child ropes specifically designed for our little guests (4 years and over).
  • Family ropes course suitable for the whole family to enjoy (10 years and over).
  • Extreme ropes course for intrepid travelers (16 years and over).

Opening times:


Admission charges:

  • Child – 70 RUB.
  • Family – 150 RUB.
  • Extreme – 250 RUB.

You have to download, print and complete a consent form before your visit.