Воронежский Государственный природный Биосферный Заповедник имени В.м. Пескова

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russian Federation


V. Peskov
Voronezhsky State
Nature Biosphere Reserve

+7(473)269-44-85; 259-45-48; 259-45-60; 210-66-20;

In case of fire, poaching and other reserve rules violations


Nature Museum

The Nature Museum of the Voronezhsky Reserve was founded in 1934. Since the tourists have not permission to visit protected areas, the Museum plays a crucial role of some kind of a window into the Nature.

After the tour the visitors of the Reserve become familiar with its history, learn about animal and plant diversity of the Usman pine forest.


Opening times:

Tuesday – Sunday: 9am -6pm

Lunch break: 1pm - 2pm

Admission charges

Individual Pass

  • Child - 50 RUB
  • Adult - 70 RUB

Guided group tours

  • Child - 70 RUB
  • Adult - 100 RUB

A group for one guided tour has to include at least 15 persons.

A group visit should be booked by calling +7 (473) 259-45-49.

The museum is located in the buildings of the Voronezhsky Reserve administrative and tourist complex.