Воронежский Государственный природный Биосферный Заповедник имени В.м. Пескова

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russian Federation


V. Peskov
Voronezhsky State
Nature Biosphere Reserve

+7(473)269-44-85; 259-45-48; 259-45-60; 210-66-20;

In case of fire, poaching and other reserve rules violations


Beaver Land

The Beaver Land complex was created on the basis of the experimental breeding ground which dates back to 1932.


It is comprised of the following facilities: a beaver shed, a two-level aquarium lived in by a pair of beavers, and an interactive museum called “Beaver House”. All of these facilities are open to visitors.

Opening Times

Tuesday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm.

Lunch break: 1pm – 2pm.

Admission Charges:

  • Adult – 270 RUB.
  • Child– 200 RUB.

The pass allows you to visit all the facilities of the Beaver Land complex: the Beaver shed, the Aquarium, and the Beaver House museum.

The ticket office is located in the Nature Museum building.